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Dunbar Family Dental
Family & General Dentistry
We are happy to take care of your family’s dental needs.
Children Dentistry
We see children as early as 2 years old, and we are able to take care of their smiles throughout their adolescent, teenage, and adult years.
Professional Teeth Whitening
Dr. Hou uses different concentration strengths of specially formulated “Opalscence” whitening gel combined with customized take-home trays to give you the white smile you’ve always wanted.
Mercury-Free White Fillings
We use the newest generation of White Composite fillings that are attractive, durable, biocompatible, and contain no mercury chemicals.
Braces & Invisalign
We offer both comprehensive Orthodontics for Children, and also Invisalign “Invisiible” Braces for Adults.
Professional Sports Mouth Guards
We fabricate custom made Athletic Mouthguards that are thin, comfortable, and offer better protection of your teeth compared with common store-bought ‘boil and bite’ guards.
Dental Implants
Missing or lost teeth can be replaced with Dental Implants. We are a one-stop shop for replacement solutions as Dr Hou performs the surgery and restoration of the implant all at his office
Wisdom Teeth Removal
Dr Hou is well versed in wisdom teeth removal, including horizontally impacted teeth. For his patient’s comfort, he can offer Oral Sedation to make the experience more comfortable.
Root Canal Treatment
Abscessed or infected teeth can be saved by Root Canal Treatment.
Dental Emergency Care
We are always available to accommodate Dental Emergencies. Please call us at 604-733-1616 for immediate treatment.
Sedation Dentistry
For patients who are anxious or are scared of going to the dentist’s office, we offer oral sedation which can make your dental visit relaxing and comfortable.
Convenient Appointments
We have evening appointments and Saturday appointments available. Please call us to inquire.